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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Celebrity Big Brother One Of The Celebrities To Walk

Celebrity Big Brother

Bookies William Hill are still counting the cost of red hot favorite Lucy Pinder Celebrity be the first to be voted off Celebrity Big Brother.At, Lucy Pinder has been very well backed 1 / 10 and William Hill took a figure five shots. They are now on the contrast to 1 / 2 a celebrity coming out of the house as the tension grows and Verne Troyer is 5 / 6 favorite to win the entire series..

Prince Of Persia The Fallen King Nintendo Ds Contest

Prince Of Persia

The Prince Of Persia franchise has seen his fair share of success and change, highlighted by the latest incarnation, a PS3 and Xbox 360 version that looks more like the concept of art of a hyper-realistic game. However, Ubisoft has created yet another new exit to the prince of a new game exclusively for the Nintendo DS called the Prince of Persia: The Fallen King..

Angelina Jolie Goes From Freaky To Fabulous In 48 Hours

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has evolved from a scary monster cheek Grecian goddess - in only two days. The Tomb Raider stars looked flawless last night Golden Globes in a flowing oyster color and its habit worn loosely locks from his shoulders..

Movie Review Revolutionary Road


Finally, the sequel to Titanic has finally arrived. 11 years after girls with disposable income and the strength to sit with a 3-hour film over and over and over whether the Titanic the highest grossing film of all time, the Phantom Menace of Teeny Tamponi makes its way into theaters as those now girls adolescents graduates are still looking for jobs and their little sisters on their text BFFs like Robert Pattinson is not as hot enough to play Edward..

Robert Pattinson Loves To Be Different

Robert Pattinson

She likes the fact that his character Edward Cullen is a different kind of hero from what is usually on love stories.. Robert Pattinson isn t afraid to stand out from the crowd.